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Large Crystal Ball surrounded by colorful gemstonesCrystal Meditation - *Most Popular* -  This is a very in depth reading in which I do daily crystal meditations to research your past life, present, and future.  It will reveal details about your life, give you the initials of your soul mate, and explain how to  get rid of negative influences in your life.
Can be done in person or by phone.
Cost: $425     Approximate Length: 3 Day Meditation

Life Coaching / Guidance - Life Coaching and Guidance start with an initial consultation.  I will then meditate and get back to you after 24 hours to go over your results.  Using my psychic gift I am able to offer guidance on your everyday life, career, love, and all areas of life.  No matter what struggle you are facing or what obstacles you have encountered in your life, I am here to help you find the best path to a brighter tomorrow.  Can be done in person or by phone.
Cost: Price Varies     Approximate Length: 24 Hour to get Results


Chakra Reading - You have 7 internal Chakras that connect to various organs in your body.  Each Chakra has a focus on an aspect of your life.  When you're Chakras are aligned, life is good.  All parts of your life will flow well, work well, you will feel happiness and peace, and you will achieve your goals and find success.  Picture of a woman showing the chakras surrounded by stones and candles used to balance the chakras.But when your Chakras are out of alignment, that's when life becomes bleak.  You know those days when it seems nothing will go your way, like no one is on your side?  The times when negativity prevails and you fail at every turn, from friendships, to work, to any minor goal no matter how simple.  That's when your Chakras are out of alignment.  During a Chakra Reading I will assess your Chakras to see if they are aligned.  If they are out of alignment then I will figure out which Chakra or Chakras are out of alignment.  This reading is only an assessment and will not realign your Chakras (see Chakra Balancing).
Can be done in person or by phone.

Cost: $185     Approximate Length of Reading: 30-60 minutes


Chakra Balancing by session - A Chakra Reading will be needed first that assess the alignment status of your Chakras.  If work is needed to balance your Chakras, then we will schedule sessions and begin focusing on each Chakra to put them back into balance.  This process varies by the needs of each individual client.  Call for details.  Can be done in person or by phone.
Cost: $125/session     Approximate Length of Session: 30-60 minutes


Spiritual Cleansing - Spiritually renewing and rejuvenates your spirit and faith.  Can be done in person or by phone.
Cost: $425/session     Approximate Length of Session: 30 minutes


Aura Cleansing - Cleansing your aura, removing negative energy, allow positive energy to come in.  Can be done in person or by phone.  Aromatherapy, essential oil bottle surrounded by dried flowers and herbsPrice and length of time varies based on individual needs, call for details.


Aromatherapy Consultation - Essential oils are a natural and safe way to help improve your daily life.  They can be used topically, diffused in the air, and some can even be taken internally.  The key to using essential oils in a safe and effective manner is knowing how to properly use the oils that will do the most good in your life.  Essential oils help with insomnia, emotional support, romance, appetite, weight loss, cancer, muscle and joint pain, immune support, digestive support, women's monthly support, and much more.  Can be done in person or by phone.
Consultation Cost: $75     Cost for Essential Oils: Varies